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with Alyson Nguyen

The objective of the web design for Bluefin Bay is to increase visibility and promote the unique features of the resort. This will be achieved by emphasizing the beauty of Lake Superior and the offers and packages available. Additionally, the website should showcase the differences between Bluefin Bay and the other two Lake Superior Lodging resorts: Surfside and Temperance Landing. The website should also highlight the complimentary activities available to guests, such as hiking, biking, and kayaking. Ultimately, the goal is to create an engaging and informative website that attracts potential guests and encourages them to book their stay at Bluefin Bay.

See it Live

The client provided the same branding used on their current site which definitely seemed dated. We were given the green light to use as much or little of the brand as possible in order to make the site feel more modern. To compliment the activities I wanted to mix in background graphics that would help to illustrate the active nature of the resorts and location.

For my role I created the initial look and feel and lead the design portion of client calls. Once the initial look was approved, Alyson Nguyen helped finish out the sub page designs as well as prep files for development.

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