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Mountain View Grand Resort
with Randy Monroe

The Mountain View Grand Resort wanted us to refresh their current website. They provided their logo, main colors, beautiful photography, and a couple of websites that they liked. The new website was to have less text and more images, with a focus on increasing visibility for weddings and meetings. They also wanted the new site to have a clean and simple design with a touch of texture, and to feel more upscale than their current website.

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Because of the lack of branding that they had I wanted to add something extra that they might be able to carry over to their brand and utilize in their print materials so I decided to create some markers per page that helps to group pages together and easy enough to incorporate later on if they wish. For my role I was in charge of the initial look and feel along with running the design portion of the client calls. Once the initial look and feel was approved Randy Monroe helped to finalize sub page designs as well as prep files for development.

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